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Immigration to Australia

Sydney Visa Pty Ltd is your reliable agent should you wish to immigrate to Australia, to study in Australia, to start a new business or to buy an existing Australian business.

Why you need an Australian
Migration Agent

There are more than 120 types of visas and Australian Immigration law is changing all the time. It is difficult for a person not experienced in Immigration Law to successfully lodge an application.

Every year, the applications of thousands of hopeful migrants are refused or delayed due to errors or mistakes. Australian missions receive over one million enquiries a year and 400,000 applications, the government quota stands at no more than 80,000 accepted applicants. Under the strict immigration selection procedure, over 80% of visa applications will be unsuccessful. Hence the need for professional advice and assistance during this difficult interface between you, the individual, and a powerful and uncompromising government authority is essential.

Our Services

As a client of Sydney Visa you will be supported by a professional organization that deals with the Government immigration authorities on a day-to-day basis and has access to a full library of Australia Immigration Law and current practice of interpretation of the law by decision makers. We will support you in that matter from the point of you becoming a client right up to the issuing of your visa. Sydney Visa is able to communicate on your behalf with the immigration sections of any Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate and lodge your applications anywhere in the world.

We deal with all immigration (visa) matters for clients wishing to travel to and remain permanently or temporarily in Australia. These visas can enable the client to, establish a business or invest in Australia, take up a position with an employer or apply independently as a skilled worker, or join family members in Australia.

Our services are personal, confidential and treated with true interests in individual needs. We endeavor to maintain our high success record by not accepting cases unless we are assured that the application will meet all the migration criteria and we have become reputed for our successful results in almost all cases we deal with.

We are professionals in Australian Immigration Law and do not claim to be experts in other fields - if you also need advice in another professional area we can refer you to an expert in that field.

Be careful

Persons or organizations in Australia operating in immigration service and advice must be registered. Any unregistered activity in that field is strictly persecuted by Australian Law. Using a service of "Agents" outside Australia where the Australian Law does not extend is being exposed to swindling and fraud.

Don't forget to check the Registration number of your adviser on the MARA Website.

Go ahead

Our web pages and links provide information about Australia's immigration laws, regulations, policies and procedures. If after reading these pages, you need more information about your eligibility for permanent or temporary residence in Australia or for visit please use one of the following services available from Sydney Visa:

  • Telephone Advice (free)
  • Email Advice (free)
  • Initial Consultation (AU$150 per hour)