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Business skills category is designed to attract applicants to Australia who have the skills to enhance Australian economy – by developing links with international markets; facilitating the creation or maintenance of employment in Australia; exporting Australian goods and services; manufacturing goods or providing services in Australia, which otherwise need to be imported; introducing new technology; and by increasing commercial activity and competitiveness.

Australian Business Visa classes

The new Migration program consists of 3 visa classes:

  • Business Talent (permanent) - 132;
  • Business Innovation and Investment (provisional) – 188;
  • Business Innovation and Investment (permanent) – 888.

Business Talent Visa (subclass 132)

The Business Talent Visa is sponsored by an Australian State/Territory and consists of two streams:

  • significant business history;
  • venture capital entrepreneur stream.

The significant business history stream is designed for business owners with genuine realistic commitment to running a new or existing business in Australia. Visa requirements for this stream are the same as the previous requirements for visa 132.

The venture capital entrepreneur stream is aimed towards facilitating business people with high business potential ideas. An applicant for this visa must have sourced at least 1 million AUD in venture capital funding through a member of the AVCAL - Australian Venture Capital Association Limited. All investments must have been made at an early stage of the venture project.

Provisional Business Innovation and Investment Visa (subclass 188)

This visa requires the applicant to have been nominated by an Australian State/Territory, but English knowledge is not mandatory.

The visa is divided into two streams:

  • business innovation;
  • investment.

Visa applicants must:

  • be under 55 years old, unless the nominating state has waived that requirement;
  • meet the minimal requirements for business and investments;
  • submit an application on SkillSelect;
  • score enough points on the Points Test.

Points Test for provisional business visas is a key change in the Program. The points are given for personal factors and innovativeness, as well as the business’s objective parameters.

The flexibility of the timeframe means that the visa holder may be allowed to extend the visa for up to two years, as long as there is support from the State of nomination.

Permanent Business Innovation and Investment Visa (subclass 888)

For this visa, the applicant must be nominated by an Australian State/Territory, but does not need to take the Points Test. It is divided into the same two streams as visa 188.

The applicants must:

  • hold a provisional visa 188 and have already achieved its set goals;
  • meet the business criteria or the investment requirements of their stream.

The asset size requirements for this visa were increased. The department of Immigration assessed the risks and costs of starting a business and set the requirements so that they are approximately equal to those of Australian entrepreneurs.

In addition, several new requirements were introduced:

  • The applicant’s business assets must not come from a visa 888 holder, unless the two have co-owned a business for at least 12 months prior to the visa application date.
  • The visa applicant must also meet the requirements for visa 188.
  • The visa applicant must abide with Australian business and tax laws.